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Greetings from InterHigh!

I just wanted to write to inform you about some exciting things that have been happening at InterHigh.

As you know, for the past year we have been providing worldview and apologetics training to youth in the Bay Area. Through our InterHigh Monthlies and Rise events, we have had over 800 students come get trained and mentorship from our college student mentors. We’re very thankful that we could help provide this kind of training and resources.

In June 2010, we started a new program called InterHigh Church Services. Through this program we have been sending small teams to 9 churches in the Bay Area that don’t have a youth pastor/leader and the resources to provide one. Our staff has been busy creating sunday curriculum, receiving training and going out to these churches on a weekly basis. Through this program we have been able to provide sermons and messages as well as a larger youth group that they can attend for weekly Bible studies and retreats for those who are interested. This program has been a blessing both to the students and to the staff who serve them.

Having done this for almost a year, we are excited about offering our services to more churches without the resources to provide a youth service. Our hope is to be an “interim youth pastor” until the church that we serve is able to offer a permanent youth pastor.

As you may have noticed, we have shifted our attention away from the monthlies and the large Rise events and will focus on reaching out to churches that sorely need an interim youth worship service solution. We will continue to offer larger events and hope that you will be able to join us when we do.

Thank you for being a part of InterHigh,

Pastor William Kang

PS. Our next InterHigh Monthly will be Satuday, May 21st. We are inviting Bill Jack, who teaches at the Worldview Academy. More information to come!. Please mark you calendars, and I hope you can join us.

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