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IH Winter Retreat

InterHigh Winter Retreat!

Right after the students went off to their Winter Breaks, all of our Interhigh churches went up to the Sierra Mountains to go on our first annual Winterhigh Retreat. It was a very exciting time for many students, as it was their first time seeing snow! During the retreat, everyone had the opportunity to go…


Recap: June IH Monthly – Element Live!

Many friends and family came to the “Element Live: Restless” as part of the InterHigh Monthly this past May 31, which featured skits, video, and live music.  Through humorous and thoughtful illustrations, we learned the convincing reasons for Christianity and were moved to engage our friends and family to ask the questions of life.  We…


Recap: Special Identity Message Series

Interhigh just finished the Special Identity Message Series, where we discovered who God created us to be.  The first message talked about the multiple hats we wear and how God wants us to wear the single hat of being His child and to be secure and free in our identity as His beloved children.  …

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